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…probably the biggest cliché in photography.

The setting sun is probably the most photographed subject in the world, so much so that it’s effectively become a cliché.

This has led to the point where posting a sunset image on a forum will probably produce a buttload of negative comments and the photographer will be labeled as a beginner or an amateur.

At the same time a sunset can be one of the most beautiful events in nature and when photographed right, it can still be a worthwhile subject.

These were taken in September and the colors and especially the clouds were the reason I started photographing the scene.

The first two photos are those “typical” and “boring” sunset shots which won’t probably be well received.

To mix things up a bit and to deviate from the ordinary I focused only on the sky and ended up liking those photos much more.

This is from the night before and the mood here is totally different, but again, the cloud formations were the reason for the photo.

This is from yesterday, but this time I thought the scene needed some foreground interest, so…

…a bit wider angle and this time including the foreground brings the photo better together IMO.

Usually the most interesting “side effect” of the setting sun is something called the golden hour, which is one of the best times for taking photos. The quality of light is pleasing, the warm tones and the long shadows all play well with photography.

The golden hour is usually considered to be the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. That is a good rule of thumb, but if you want a more accurate description, click here for the Wikipedia page.

Shooting against the light can also produce interesting photos and the usually undesirable flare can be a good thing here.

Even the fall is pretty much over here in Finland and although I don’t expect a full-blown winter quite yet, the outdoor subjects are getting fewer by the minute.

Luckily I have still a lot of photos to go through and post here, so stay tuned for more.


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