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My first social media…

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It’s a special occasion, since this far I’ve only been on “antisocial” media…

Although it might be a special occasion, I’m still trying to find my bearings around the G+.

Not that it would be hard to use, in fact it seems really simple and manageable with a clean layout. That’s one of the reasons that drove me there in the first place.

Truth be told, I’m not sure what I should do in a “social media”. Having passed on the whole Facebook thing, which seems to be a big deal at least to some people, I have no idea how to best utilize these things. I do have a Twitter account made for Japhoto, but not even a single tweet has been given this far.

I guess the main motive behind joining now is to get more people here in my blog by posting links to these blog posts on G+. For that to work properly, I need to get more than one people to add me to their circles (thanks goes out to Sami for being the one).

I need to study the system a bit more, but hopefully I made the right choice and hopefully the G+ will also compensate me for the time spent learning it at some point.

If you happen to have a G+ account, check out my page there and add me to your circle if you want (link below).

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